mojozone (mo-jo-zon) n: the space between two parallel worlds.

My name is Chrome Underwood. I’m an artist and avatar in the virtual world of Second Life, where I work, play, dream and wander, sometimes aimlessly, in search of adventure. I hope to capture at least some of the magic of that wonderland in these pages, and perhaps get to know some of you in the process. The heart of any new technology will always be the human mind behind it (as my human component always tells me); but only if we stay focused on what is real and true within our own lives, both real and virtual. I intend to do that, and hope you join me along the way.

As this webcomic gets fleshed out, I’ll revisit this page to express more clearly and completely my intentions for it as a new comic book artist. In the meanwhile you can come along with me as I experiment; who knows, I might even make some mistakes along the way. Whatever happens, though, would love to hear your comments.