Party on, Juliette (if only in my dreams). This is one of those odd features of the mojozone; the disparity (sometimes outright conflict) between the needs and desires of the human component and that of the pixel person who is in there frontin’ and maxin’ for them. Many a time I would have loved to rave on through the virtual night, but the demands of the physical universe were just too important to be denied. Then again, it really isn’t a whole lot different from what every run-of-the-mill party animal has to face up to at some point in their (real) lives. Ahh, well, I can only imagine what goes on in there while I sleep just outside the window…. and it’s prolly better that way.

Yes, that is a new header up there. Couldn’t resist after that photo appeared in the last strip. Gotta keep movin’ forward.